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Valuable tips to select the right HVAC company

Main & Sons Plumbing, HVAC, Excavating & Septic Inc. provides comprehensive HVAC services for your property. Before you select an HVAC contractor, you must know a few things.

The following are some tips for selecting an HVAC contractor.

Always rely on written estimates

Hire an insured contractor for your protection

Get prompt and efficient contractors

to work on your property


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  • Always rely on the recommendations of your friends and relatives in the area in case you don’t know a trustworthy HVAC contractor.


  • Don’t depend on HVAC companies which offer estimates without even looking at the amount and nature of work that needs to be done. A good HVAC company will always inspect the work that needs to be done, instead of just giving an estimate over the phone.


  • A reputable company will always provide a written estimate for the work, outlining the work to be done, materials, and the price.

  • While you can get estimates from various contractors, don’t always go by the lowest price quote for selecting a contractor. Better contractors may charge more, but they probably offer greater value. Be doubtful about extremely low quotes.


  • A licensed and certified HVAC contractor by the contractor's State Licensing Board should be an important criterion to make your choice. Many states that license HVAC contractors require the contractor to have a minimum amount of on-the-job experience, which is usually 5 years.


  • An insured HVAC contractor should be your first choice to protect your home from damage in case of an accident. Uninsured contractors who get hurt on your property can hold you liable for medical expenses. Reputable and insured contractors will provide copies of their general liability and workers' compensation insurance.

  • Most reputed HVAC companies usually provide a list of customers that you can refer to. Through this list, you can verify that the company in question performs the work in a timely manner and to the customer’s satisfaction.


  • Reliable contractors are generally professional in dealing with their patrons. Their staff members are prompt and courteous. The way the company treats you now reflects how they'll treat you if there is a problem. They should have an office or shop facility and they should not be ashamed to have you visit.

Don’t make your choice based only on who provides the cheapest rates. Go with your instincts on the HVAC tips provided above and choose a contractor who can do the job right without cutting corners. Do your research thoroughly before deciding to hire a contractor.

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